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beauty buzz hk~ DK Aromatherapy: Hong Kong Aromatherapy at its Best

DK Aromatherapy: Hong Kong Aromatherapy at its Best
beauty buzz hk
Hong Kong’s Beauty Bible

 27 January 2010

DK Aromatherapy Logo.Tucked away on Soho’s Staunton Street  is one of Hong Kong’s best kept secrets, its not another gastro tapas venue, or a new martini bar, its DK Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is form of  alternative medicine that uses concoctions of essential oils to treat various conditions.  By using specific essences, aromatherapy claims to alter your mood, and your mental and physical health.  Although it is mostly used in massage oils, it is said to have endless medical properties to treat conditions that are usually combated by potentially harmful chemicals and medicines.

‘A lot of mumbo jumbo hippie nonesense’ I hear you say, well most of us use products everyday that contain essential oils, and that reap the benefit of their properties such as Listerine mouth wash, Deep Heat and Vicks VapoRub.  So the next time you think that alternative practices don’t work, look in your own medicine cabinet and think again.

Stepping into the shop, you are immediately hit by a glorious amalgamation of different scents and soothing music.  It smells divine, and you are lulled into a state of relaxation.  It sells a vast array of new age items and aromatherapy lotions & potions, most of which from the house brand, DK aromatherapy.  All of the brands items are completely natural, and contain no synthetic chemicals, resulting in ethical, completely harmless, naturally scented products.

Like many people, I suffer from a back problem and from time to time, it gets quite bad.  I find that going for a massage helps, but most of the time I don’t trust a therapist to help and not hurt me when I am fragile.  Nancy at DK is my saviour, not only is she a very skilled and intuitive therapist, she is also extremely well educated in aromatherapy.  She brings my pain back from the brink every time and I am eternally grateful.   A life time of learning the art from some of the best aromatherapists have taught Nancy pretty much everything there is to know.  She will custom hand-make all manner of beauty creams for you, using all natural ingredients tailored to your needs.

This time I tried the Aroma Skin Care Luxury Facial.  The treatment room, although very warm and serene is not as elegant as some of the high-end day spas and salons in Hong Kong, but that is not the reason one visits Nancy and DK Aromatherapy.  The treatment starts with a consultation to find out how you are feeling, and what your skin condition is like, Nancy then selects various essential oils that will suit your needs.  She opted for jasmine, rose geranium, and orange blossom for me.  She then mixes on the spot the oils, creams and sprays used in the treatment.  It comprises of the usual steaming and cleaning of this skin, but also includes a head massage, a fabulous lymphatic facial massage, which drains the puffiness from under the eyes, and Nancy’s signature tapping movements that are said to be akin to the M6 electronic facial lasers.  An hour and a half (and a little snooze) later, the facial was over, my ever present eye-bags were definatley reduced and I felt fabulous.

If you are interested in learning more about aromatherapy, Nancy runs certificate courses and diplomas in the shop.  Many other workshops are run with resident experts such as massage (self, baby, Indian head, lymphatic), hypnosis, tarot, reiki, make-your-own beauty products,  and many more.  Contact the shop to find out more.

Location: G/F 16A Staunton Street Central
Phone: 852-27712847
Mon – Sun: 11:00 – 22:00