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香港腳情況時好時壞,該如何是好?My Athlete’s foot problem is really bothering me, what can I do?





My Athlete’s foot problem is really bothering me, what can I do?


You can try foot massage by using base oil like, Calendula (Inflused) Oil, Jojoba Oil or Avocado Oil, add together Myrrh and Chamomile Blue essential oils. If you prefer a feet bath to ease the situation, try adding the two essential oils into hot water and soak your feet for about 15 minutes.

如肩頸及小腿後側感疼痛,可配以什麼精油作按摩油?How to relief the muscle pain of shoulder, neck and legs by personalized blend massage oil?





底油(月見草油或大麻籽油) 100毫升

薰衣草精油 20滴

檸檬草精油 10滴

迷迭香精油 10滴


How to relief the muscle pain of shoulder, neck and legs by personalized blend massage oil?


For a muscle soothing effect, you can try out Lavender, Lemongrass and Rosemary essential oils. In order to blend your own massage oil, add the essential oils into base oil like Evening Primrose and Hempseed oil, these two base oil are good for inflammation of skin and joint.


You can try the following formula:

Base Oil (Evening Primrose/Hempseed) 100ml

Lavender Oil 20 drops

Lemongrass Oil 10 drops

Rosemary Oil 10 drops

我可怎樣自制面部磨沙?How do I have my own facial scrub at home?


加入1/4茶匙檀香粉於你日常的潔面產品中使用, 可增加溫和的磨沙效果, 使你的皮膚變得更光滑之餘亦有保濕效果。

How do I have my own facial scrub at home?

Simply add about 1/4 teaspoon sandalwood powder to your normal facial cleanser and that will provide you with a gentle yet effective facial scrub, leaving your skin smooth and refreshing but at the same time keeping it moist.

自行調制香味有甚麼技巧嗎?What’s the key to personalizing an aromatic blend?


利用精華油調配香味最基本你先需要認識味道的特性, 如花香, 木香, 辛辣香, 泥士香, 薄荷香, 果香, 東方氣味。




配合精油揮發度(高中低)和特生以作調配, 可較易掌握氣味變化。

What’s the key to personalizing an aromatic blend?

It is important to know the basic broad groups of the essential oils, for example, Floral, Woodsy, Earthy, Minty, Medicinal, Spicy, Citrus or Oriental.

Common combinations:

–            Floral with Spicy/Citrus/Woodsy

–            Woodsy generally goes well with all categories

–            Minty with Citrus/Woodsy/Earthy

Together with matching ‘Notes’, which is the rate that the essential oil evaporates, for the different essential oils, we can create a personalized scent with greater depth and variety. The notes is mainly categorize into Top, Middle and Base notes.

春天的氣味A scent for Spring.


春天是一個充滿希望的季節, 代表新的一年新的開始。 春天同時亦是一個春兩紛飛的季節, 要提升心情及動力, 你可嘗試以下的一條薰香配方:

葡萄柚 4 滴

檸檬草 2 滴

薰衣草 2滴


A scent for Spring.

Spring is the season of the soul that signals optimism and hope, time for a new beginning and experiences.

Aim to create an uplifting and energizing aroma in the upcoming rainy days. We suggest that you can make use of citrus essential oils for example a blend of Grapefruit 4 drops, Lemongrass 2 drops and Lavender 2 drops.

請問玉桂葉和玉桂皮精油有甚麼分別?What is the difference between cinnamon bark and cinnamon leaf oil?


玉桂葉和玉桂皮精華油都是由玉桂萃取的, 功效相似, 前者萃取於樹葉部分, 後者萃取於樹皮部分, 玉桂皮對皮膚刺激性很高, 相對之下玉桂葉精華油性質較玉桂皮溫和, 所以玉桂葉較為廣泛地用於香薰治療。

What is the difference between cinnamon bark and cinnamon leaf oil?

Cinnamon leaf and bark oil also is extract from cinnamon. They have the similar smell and function. However, Cinnamon bark oil is more stimulating compare to the leaf oil. Therefore we usually use cinnamon leaf oil rather than bark oil in aromatherapy.

請問沒藥精油用於皮膚護理有甚麼功效呢?How can I use Myrrh oil in skin care?



沒藥是一種很適合用於皮膚護理的精華油, 它對老化,成熟及乾燥的皮膚有很好的滋潤功效, 亦有效去疤, 減少皺紋的功紋。


How can I use Myrrh oil in skin care?


Myrrh oil is very good for skin care, it nourishes mature and dry skin. It also carries scar healing and anti-wrinkles function.