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有那些精油可令毛孔收細,又可作深層清潔呢?What essential oils are effective for pores refining and deep cleansing?


天竺葵花水 5ml
天竺葵精油不但可以去粉刺,同時亦能平衡油性肌膚,其花水亦有清涼效果, 適合夏天使用,使用這面膜大約3-5分鐘後,可用水清洗,之後可使用蘆薈啫喱,補充面上的水份,同時亦可毛孔收細。

What essential oils are effective for pores refining and deep cleansing?

For deep cleansing, try the following mask formula:
Midnight Black Clay 1/5 teaspoon
Ivory Clay 4/5 teaspoon
Geranium Oil 1 drop
Geranium Floral Water 5ml

Specially for summer, leave mask on for 3-5 minutes, after wash off, apply some aloe vera gel for hydration and also pores refining. Geranium essential oil is effective for acne prone skin, it also balances oily skin


夏天去海灘游泳後,出現曬傷,該怎麼辦呢?What can I use for sun burns?



What can I use for sun burns?

For an immediate soothing on the skin, use lavender floral water and spray directly onto affected areas, this will have an calming effect on skin. After which you can apply Aloe Vera gel for antiseptic and soothing, and for an even better pain killing effect, leave the gel cool in the fridge.

海洋骨膠原可怎樣使用?How do I use Marine Collagen in my skin care steps?



How do I use Marine Collagen in my skin care steps?

Marine collagen is present in various marine organisms, it is useful in helping our skin maintain its elasticity and giving it a healthy glow.
After facial cleansing and toner, you can apply the marine collagen directly, on the other hand, you can add it into your natural moisturizers or essences before use.

進行芳香浸浴時,有什麼要注意?For aromatherapy baths, what do I have to take note?


進行芳香浸浴時,6-8滴精華油已經足夠,為了令精油完全溶入中水而發揮最佳效果,可先用溶解劑(將水和精華油混在一起)或牛奶,與精華油溶合,混合後,再倒入浴缸的水中, 這樣可以獲得香薰浸浴的最佳效果。

For aromatherapy baths, what do I have to take note?

For each bath, 6-8 drops will be sufficient. And for the best results, make sure the oils are solubilized into the hot water. In order to achieve that, mix essential oil with water and solubilizer or milk, and then add mixture into the bathtub. Now you can enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy bath!

精油可以每天使用嗎?Is it safe to use essential oils every day?



Is it safe to use essential oils every day?

Yes, it is fine to use essential oils every day. One thing to take note is that long term use of a certain formula will reduce its results, therefore, try changing formulas every 3 weeks to maintain the best out of the essential oils.

什麼精油可以改善辦公室的煩悶氣氛呢?What kind of essential oils can I use to improve the restless atmosphere in the office?

burner set
可選擇清新一些和殺菌強的精油來薰香如: 尤加利、薄荷、檸檬草、山雞椒、柚子、佛手柑等精油,能有效殺菌亦可改善工作氣氛
What kind of essential oils can I use to improve the restless atmosphere in the office?

In order to boost up the energy around the working environment, try adding 6-8 drops of the essential oils into the diffusers. Try some refreshing scents together with antiseptics features, for example, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Litsea Cubeba, Grapefruit or Bergamot essential oils.

因工作關係而晚睡,令黑眼圈問題愈來愈嚴重, 請問有什麼方法可以解決呢?How do I resolve dark eye circles from late nights?

rose bulgarian因工作關係而晚睡,令黑眼圈問題愈來愈嚴重, 請問有什麼方法可以解決呢?

青瓜啫喱 15ml
玫瑰精華油 2滴
洋甘菊精華油 1滴
綠茶精華素 5滴
於潔面後, 將以上配方敷於眼部約10-15分鐘, 這樣便可改善黑眼圈的情況。

How do I resolve dark eye circles from late nights?

After the daily cleansing steps, try leaving the following eye mask formula on for about 10-15 minutes:
Cucumber Eye Gel – 15ml
Rose oil – 2 drops
Chamomile – 1 drop
Green Tea extract – 5 drops