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請問嬰兒可以使用精油按摩嗎?Can baby use essential oils for massage?

一般來說, 嬰兒於三個月後便可應用精油按摩。 檀香, 薰衣草, 奧圖玫瑰及羅馬洋甘菊精油都比較適合用於嬰兒, 你可以將一滴上述之精華油加進三十毫升的甜杏仁油或可可巴油, 然後幫嬰兒以適當的手法按摩。

Can baby use essential oils for massage?
In general, the baby can massage after three months. Sandalwood, Lavender, Rose Otto and Roman chamomile essential oils are more suitable for the baby, you can add a drop of essential oil into the 30ml of sweet almond or jojoba oil, and then help the baby with appropriate massage.

什麼泥粉適合油性皮膚使用呢?What Clay powder is good for oily skin usuage?

用法: 將1-2茶匙的泥粉放於玻璃容器內,再加花水混和,你亦可加1滴喜愛的精油於泥粉作個人調配。塗於面部或身體,待5-10分鐘後便可用水清洗。

What Clay powder is good for oily skin usuage?
We recommend the use of French Green Clay powder and White Clay powder. White clay powder is mild and balances oil secretion;
Green clay powder is designed for oily skin, and removes toxins. Mixing the two can effectively control oily skin situations.
Usage: Place 1-2 teaspoons of Clay powder in a glass container, add floral water into mixture, you can also add a drop of essential oil in the Clay powder. Apply to face or body and wash off with water after 5-10 minutes.

精油如存放於雪櫃, 保存壽命會更長嗎?

cwb012精油如存放於雪櫃, 保存壽命會更長嗎?
精油並不需要存放於雪櫃, 精油最佳的保存放法是存放於木盒中。

Will the shelf life be longer when essential oils are kept in the refrigerator?
Essential oil does not need to be stored in the refrigerator, the best method is stored in wooden box.

鼻敏感如何可舒緩?How can I relieve nose allergy?


How can I relieve nose allergy?
Add 5-6 drops of Eucalyptus into your aromatherapy diffuser. You can try using ear candles.

最近胃部感到不適,飯後時有出現打嗝或消化不良的情況,可以使用精華油?Stomach discomfort after meals like hiccups or indigestion, is there essential oils I can use?

葡萄籽油 10mL
羅勒精油 2滴
薰衣草精油 2滴
薑精油 2滴

Stomach discomfort after meals like hiccups or indigestion, is there essential oils I can use?
You can try the following recipe for blended massage oil:
Grape Seed Oil 10mL
2 drops of Basil essential oil
2 drops of Lavender essential oil
2 drops of Ginger essential oil
Massage clockwise on abdominal can help relieve stomach discomfort. In addition, this massage oil can also be applied to the neck, shoulder, shoulder, hand and leg muscles to relieve muscle pain.

近來咳得很利害,甚至難以入睡,有什麼方法?Recently the cough at night is really affecting my sleeping quality, what should I do?

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Recently the cough at night is really affecting my sleeping quality, what should I do?
1 drop Cypress
1 drop of Eucalyptus
2 drops of Sandalwood
10ml Jojoba oil
Sandalwood oil has a strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect, for the sensitivity of cough caused by allergies have a very significant effect. It is also effective in treating bronchitis, sore throat and other symptoms for a good relief effect.
Cypress and Eucalyptus have a good contraction, when the coughing situation is not good at night, you can put a few drops of Cypress and Sandalwood drops on the pillow. You can also use vaporizer, by inhaling its aroma molecules, allowing relaxation.