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感冒鼻塞非常困擾我, 該如何處理? Cold and nasal blockage is very annoying, what should I do?


你可利用蒸氣吸入法舒緩鼻塞問題。先準備一盤熱水和大毛巾, 將以下精油配方加入熱水盤中, 然後用大毛巾連同熱水盤蓋著頭部, 閉上眼, 距離熱水約20CM 吸入蒸氣2分鐘:

胡椒薄荷2 滴

尤加利2 滴

茶樹2 滴

此配方除了可通鼻塞外, 亦可配合香薰爐薰香作抗菌之用。


You can try the inhalation method to relieve the nasal blockage problem. Prepare a pot of hot water and a big towel, add the following essential oil into the hot water, then cover up yourself together with the hot water by using the big towel. Keep your eyes close , then inhale the steam for 2 minutes. Keep a distance between your face and the hot water around 20cm:

Peppermint 2 drops

Eucalyptus 2 drops

Tea tree 2 drops

Besides, using a burner to diffuse the formula above can also serve as anti-bacterial purpose.


2月25日 DK營業時間變更 Business hour change on 25Feb15


本公司將於2月25日舉行春茗聯歡, 該日將提前至下午六時休息。祝各位新春愉快!

Our shop will close at 6pm on 25Feb for annual dinner. We wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

我時常需要公開演講, 但出場前總會感到非常緊張, 該如可是好? I always need to speak in front of the public, but still I do feel very nervous before every show time, what should I do?

clary sage

你可於出場前先調整一下呼吸, 例如深呼吸五下。 另外, 以下的精油配方有消除壓力和抗焦慮的作用, 可將配方滴在手帕上於出場前吸聞:

快樂鼠尾草1 滴

薰衣草1 滴

天竺葵1 滴


Stay calm and take five deep breath. Besides, the essential oil formula below can ease stresses and anxiety, drip them onto a handkerchief and inhale the aroma before show time:

Clary sage 1 drop

Lavender 1 drop

Geranium 1 drop

腳跟龜裂很難看, 應如何時好? Flaky ankles are so annoying, what should I do?


可用以下配方調製按摩油, 滋潤和改善乾裂腳跟:





將此配芳混合後, 按摩腳跟位置直至吸收。


Try to blend the massage oil with the formula below to moisturize the dry and flaky ankles:

Sweet almond oil 20ml

Wheatgerm oil 10ml

Frankincense 6 drops

Rose geranium 6 drops

Mix the above ingredients, then massage the ankles until it fully absorbed.

DK新春營業安排Chinese New Year business arrangement



慶祝羊年佳節,本公司謹定於年初一至年初三 (二月十九至二十一日)休市三天, 並於年初四(二月二十二日)啟市。DK恭祝大家羊年大吉, 身體健康!

Dear Customers,

Our shop is tentatively closed during 19-21Feb for Chinese New Year Holiday, and business will resume on 22Feb.

DK wish you a successful year of Goat with good luck and good health!


家中長者因長期患病,時常感到鬱鬱不歡, 獨自呆坐房中, 有什麼精油可改善此情況? My elderly at home is suffering from long-term illness. She is always feeling depress and isolate herself in the room. Which essential oil and improve the situation?


家中長者因長期患病,時常感到鬱鬱不歡, 獨自呆坐房中, 有什麼精油可改善此情況?


杜松果3滴: 能清除負能量

薰衣草3滴: 能放鬆心情

甜橙3滴: 能提升快樂的感覺


Try to vaporize the formula below in the elderly’s room:

Juniper 3 drops: For cleansing negative energy

Lavender 3 drops: For relaxation

Orange sweet 3 drops: For uplifting emotion

與好友歡聚時過分盡興, 酒喝多了, 第二天出現宿醉的情況, 該怎麼辦? I drank too much in the party, and I’m still hangover the next day, what should I do?







將此配芳混合後, 打圈按摩太陽穴和胸口位置。


Try to blend a massage oil with the formula below:

Sweet almond oil 10ml

Lavender 2 drops

Nutmeg 2 drops

Peppermint 1 drop

Mix the above ingredients and massage the temples and the chest.