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經常出差不同國家工作都會受飛行時差及工作壓力影響, 感覺不適, 有什麼方法可舒緩此情況? I’m always on business trip and suffer from jet lag and stresses, what should I do?


受飛行時差影響,生理時鐘會出現失衡的現象, 再加上工事煩忙難免會經常感到不適, 建議自製一支20ml隨身ROLL-ON, 加入羅馬洋甘菊、薰衣草、苦橙葉、佛手柑, 各2滴, 當感覺不適或壓力太大時, 可搽於掌心或脈搏位置, 有助舒緩時差及壓力造成的疲勞、頭痛及噁心的情況。


Jet lag will interfere the biological clock, and you will also feel discomfort with all the stresses. You may blend a 20ml portable roll-on oil, add in roman chamomile, lavender, petitgrain, bergamot, 2 drops each. Whenever you feel sick or overloaded, apply it onto your palms or pulses, this can relieve tiredness, headache, vomits caused by jet lags and pressure.



如何自製滋潤面膜? How to blend a nourishing mask?

rose bulgarian


Suggested formula:

Organic honey 1 table spoon

Rose 2 drops

Mix well and apply onto the face for 5 minutes. Then rinse it first with warm water, then rinse again with cold water.

如何改善毛孔粗大情況? My facial pores are so large, what should I do?



蘆薈活膚保濕面霜    50ml

天竺葵精油                10滴

乳香精油                    5滴

苦橙葉精油                5滴


Olive green clay have sebum control and pore tightening effect. Use 1-2 tea spoon of olive green clay into a glass container, add in suitable amount of geranium floral water and 1-2 drops of geranium essential oil. Mix well and apply it onto the face, then rinse it when the mask is halfway dry. Apply this mask one to twice a week. And you can also blend a moisturizer with the formula below:

Aloe vera rejuvenating moisturizer 50ml

Geranium 10 drops

Frankincense 5 drops

Petitgrain 5 drops

年紀增長,面部出現黑斑及膚色不均勻現象,應如何改善? Pigments and uneven skin tone are appearing on my face when I’m getting older, what should I do?

Carrot infused


玫瑰果底油             2ml

杏核底油                    8ml

胡蘿蔔籽精油            1滴

玫瑰精油                    2滴

乳香精油                    1滴


Rose, carrot seed and frankincense can lessen pigmentation, blend the following massage oil massage your face regularly:

Rosehip oil 2ml

Apricot oil 8ml

Carrot seed 1 drop

Rose 2 drops

Frankincense 1 drop

想自製天然足部磨砂,可怎樣製作? How to make a natural foot scrub?








Suggested formula:

Lavender 3 drops

Dead sea salt 1 tea spoon

Soyabean oil 1 tea spoon

Mix the ingredients above. Use this foot scrub one to twice a week to remove cuticles. Apply the scrub onto the foot and massage with circular motion, then rinse it.

如何用香薰油舒緩腳部抽筋? Can aromatherapy relieve leg spasm?

Black Pepper


迷迭香 6滴

黑胡椒 6滴



Try the formula below, massage the legs every night after shower until it fully absorbed:

Rosemary 6 drops

Black pepper 6 drops

Olive oil 25ml

想自製護甲油,可使用什麼精油? How to make a massage oil for nail care?





迷迭香 6滴






Rosemary and carrot seed can boost nail growth, and retain the shininess of the nail:

Rosemary 6 drops

Carrot seed 5 drops

Evening primrose 2ml

Jojoba oil 25ml

This formula can strengthen the nail, just mix the ingredients above, then massage the nail and the cuticles.