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我想自製枕頭噴霧, 可有推介? I would like to blend a pillow mist, any suggestion?








此配方有放鬆和安眠的作用, 非常適合晚上使用。

Try the formula below:

Lavender floral water 30ml

Lavender 7 drops

Petitgrain 3 drops

Mandarin 5 drops

Solubilizer 15 drops

This formula helps to relax and sleep, very recommended for night time.



時常穿著高跟鞋,有什麼可舒緩腳部疲勞的方法? My feet hurts because of wearing too much high heels, any suggestion to relax the leg muscles?

chamomile roman

舒緩足浴配方 :

羅馬洋甘菊      2 滴

薰衣草              2滴

薑                     2 滴

死海浴鹽         2 匙


Try to do a foot bath with the formula below:

Roman chamomile 2 drops

Lavender 2 drops

Ginger 2 drops

Dead sea salt 2 table spoon


香薰如何幫助改善血液循環遲緩的問題? How to speed up blood circulation by using essential oil?


可嘗試香薰按摩、足浴或泡澡。四肢冰冷、容易引起凍瘡及不適應較涼氣温都是血液循環遲緩的症狀。薑2滴, 天竺葵3滴, 黑胡椒1滴, 佛手柑2滴加入熱水進行足浴, 有助改善循環及低血壓的問題。


You can try aromatherapy massage, foot bath or bath. Slow blood circulation will cause cold limbs, cold sores and getting hard to adapt to cold weather. Try adding the formula below into hot water for foot bath:

Ginger 2 drops

Geranium 3 drops

Black pepper 1 drop

Bergamot 2 drops

精油可幫助改善大腸急躁症(IBS)嗎? Can essential oil relieves Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?


答案是可以的, 大腸急躁的成因主要是壓力、缺乏膳食纖維、食物過敏, 症狀包括腹部絞痛、腸胃脹氣、時而便秘時而腹瀉。可用羅馬洋甘菊2滴、橙花1滴及甜馬鬱蘭3滴加入10ML甜杏油, 順時針方向做溫和的腹部按摩, 可改善此症狀。

Yes, it can. IBS is mainly cased by stress, lack of dietary fibre, food allergy. Symptoms include colic, abdominal flatulence, unpredictable constipation or diarrhea. Try to massage the abdomen in clockwise motion with the formula below:

Roman Chamomile 2 drops

Neroli 1 drop

Marjoram 3 drops

Almond sweet 10ml

長時間停留於户外,大汗淋漓,感覺真不好受,可有些讓人感覺舒服的方法嗎? I always spent time at outdoor and sweat a lot. Please give me some suggestions which makes me feel better.












Try to blend a facial spray with the formula below:

Lavender 2 drops

Orange Sweet 2 drops

Rose 2 drops

Solubilizer 6 drops

Distilled Water 30ml

You can store this spray in the fridge , so it smells refreshing and has a cooling effect.

AwayInStyle interview: Ultimate Five Senses Aromatic Rose Afternoon Tea at DK Cuppa Tea


AwayInStyle interview: Ultimate Five Senses Aromatic Rose Afternoon Tea at DK Cuppa Tea

Urban oasis for warming your body, mind & soul

DK Cuppa Tea is truly a haven for hungry patrons to relax over a variety of hearty delicacies and soothing beverages. After all the ravings about detox water and low fat high tea, we are brining another sweet surprise to all passers-by. To welcome the approaching autumn season, a very special Ultimate Five Senses Aromatic Rose Afternoon Tea set is launched to create a true dining indulgence that caters to all five senses. It is time to unwind and give yourself a full rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul.

Devouring food requires not only your mouth, it is also important to satisfy all five senses in order to truly enjoy a meal. The latest Ultimate Five Senses Aromatic Rose Afternoon Tea set for two, ($298/person) offers an array of handcrafted delicacies, from savoury delights to sweet treats and comes with an unlimited refill of ice-cream. Diners can also pair it with a variety of soothing teas of their choice and sample three bottles of rose essences in the forms of essential oil, massage oil and perfume. To complete the experience, diners can take away their very own created bottle of perfume (10ml) that can be fully customized according to their personal taste with an extra bargain price at $100.

At DK Cuppa Tea, a music playlist has been curated specially to compliment the dining experience, making our comfortable space the perfect urban sanctuary, where guests are able to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life. Diners can unwind in a peaceful area while enjoying our rose themed afternoon tea set. Staying true to its theme, this tea set comes with three different forms of rose essence for diners to sample in house. They are full of medicinal and health benefits, all specifically designed to ease our urban ailments. Diners are recommended to freshen up with floral water, scent and nourish in rose perfume and pure essential oil before diving into the food and specially created Dreamy Tea to get the full experience.

Feed your soul and indulge in our ultimate afternoon tea set, which starts with scones in lavender and cheese flavours, served with clotted cream and pure 100% rose jam from France; together with a great selection of cold cuts and cheese paired with our very own black truffle balsamic vinegar pearls. On the second tier you will find cupcakes with rose and honey jam filling, as well as decadent Italian cheese cake, all made with top quality natural rose extract from France. The top deck comprises of an array of sweet surprises, with rocky road made with pumpkin seed, pistachio, dried cranberry and garnished with rose petals, and silky smooth milk pudding made with premium rose organic hydrosol and Hokkai 3.6 milk. For those with an extra sweet tooth, you will love our unlimited refill of ice-cream, with three flavours, yuzu, tofu and ginger, to choose from and a variety of nuts to top it off. This tea set is as satisfying as it sounds.

Dreamy Tea offerings will be served along the wholesome and delectable tea set with a selection including Rose, Earl Grey Lavender and Mint Lemon. Diners can comfortably relax over hot tea and let it nourish your beauty from within. Our Dreamy Sweet Rose Tea is placed on a wooden board, atop by organic cotton candy. Let it melt gently before gulping it down to add an extra touch of sweetness to your tea. Whether you’re craving for something refreshing or looking for something nourishing, you will surly find “your cup of tea.”

A perfume workshop will also be offered to those who would like to add an extra dose of happiness to their afternoon tea experience at an affordable price. They can create their personal perfume with our therapeutic essential oils and bring home with them a bottle of joy. Create the scent that revitalize and rejuvenate your mind and body now!

DK Cuppa Tea | ADDRESS
G/F 16A Staunton Street, Central | +852 2771 2847
G/F No.19 New Market Street | +852 23863588

Milk Magazine 專訪: 希望透過 開拓飲食領域,令更多人接觸並嘗試了解香薰

milk cover milk page 2

Milk Magazine 訪問 DK Cuppa Tea: 希望透過 開拓飲食領域,令更多人接觸並嘗試了解香薰 ~ DK Aromatherapy 總監 Kat Lai

香薰治療是一門高深學問,涉及大量專業知識,但其神奇療效大抵對於外行人來說,就如塔羅占卜,只是「信則有不信則無夢」的術士之說,大多抱住觀望態度,點到即止。DK Aromatherapy於中環及銅鑼灣有兩間分店,前者提供香薰按摩治療,後者主打香薰產品DIY興趣班。至於為何將看似風馬牛不相及的餐飲元素融入其中,是源於店主Kat從事與香薰相關工作也有20年經驗,發現對香薰有興趣的早已一戰其中一份子,不感興趣的話,再多的Workshops與香薰治療課程也收不到預期效果。抱着「對香薰冇興趣,也至少會坐低飲杯嘢」的期望,Kat相信DK Cuppa Tea開辟了讓我引來接觸香薰的一個新途徑。短短30分鐘的訪問,他深入淺出地向我解釋了有關香薰的一對基本概念,如香薰油的不同使用方法,如何區分天然香薰油與人數香精、兩者功效上有何不同、易容短短三分鐘時間分享了過百種精油的三種基本分類,及如何看他們的基本功能選擇適合自己的一款。那香薰與飲食有何共通之處?其實飲食也是治療的一種,要用眼欣賞、用嗅覺探索、用美國品嚐、也要用心感受、因此DK Cuppa Tea以此概念,推出了「五感享受芳香玫瑰下午茶」,滿足不同感官需要。三層式的點心架上,同樣放上各樣精緻的甜品與小食,但比坊間的英式下午茶,就多了一還是用玫瑰精華的環節,確保點餐的人士是享受被玫瑰簇擁的夢幻感覺。店內裝修執並未刻意加入過多設計,一切以舒適為主,個人尤其喜歡樓睇下隱蔽角落,那片綠草與花飾佈置,令人精神放鬆;地板亦舖上柔軟地氈,可席地而座,與朋友暢談一天想必是人生樂事。

DK Cuppa Tea 整家店的氣氛浪漫寧靜,予人身心放鬆的感覺,暫時遠離繁囂。店面積不算大,只放了不到十張餐枱,其中一面更放上過百款香薰精油,可供售賣。在門外經過,隨時會唔以為是香薰精油小店。




6.雲雨香茶 單叫$98

地址:上環 新街市街 19號地鋪 & 香港 中環 士丹頓街 16A 地下 請致電訂座 中環 27712847 / 上環 23863588

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