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最近工作壓力很大,明明已經十分疲倦,但晚上總不能入睡,該怎麼辦? I am very stressed these day, obviously very tired, but I can’t get into sleep, what should I do?


可嘗試調配按摩油於睡前作簡單按摩,配方如下: 橙花2滴、羅馬洋甘菊1滴、玫瑰天竺葵2滴、薰衣草1滴、柑桔3滴,加入25ML 甜杏仁油,調和後即可。

Try to blend a massage oil with the formula below and do some simple massage before bed time:

Neroli 2 drops

Roman Chamomile 1 drop

Rose Geranium 2 drops

Lavender 1 drop

Tangerine 3 drops

Almond Sweet Oil 25ml

Mix the ingredients and above, and its good to go.


如想令辦公室工作環境空氣清新一點,可用那些香薰?Which essential oil blend can freshen up my office?

Litsea Cubeba

可嘗試於辦公室蒸薰以下配方︰葡萄柚2滴、山雞椒2滴、檸檬草1滴、青檸2滴、薰衣草1滴, 既可令空氣清新, 又可驅蚊蟲。

Try to vaporize the formula below with a burner in the office:

Grapefruit 2 drops

Litsea Cubeba 2 drops

Lemongrass 1 drop

Lime 2 drops

Lavender 1 drop

This blend can play as both air refresher and insect repellent.

那種香薰有助舒緩鼻敏感? Which essential oil can sooth nasal allergies?

eucalyptus blue gum

松木1滴、尤加利2滴、胡椒薄荷2滴、檸檬3滴, 透過香薰爐以薰香方式吸聞,有助舒緩及改善鼻敏感。

Try to vaporize the formula below with a burner:

Pine 1 drop

Ecualyptus 2 drops

Peppermint 2 drops

Lemon 3 drops


每天晚上我都用風筒把頭髮吹乾,髮質變得乾旱,毛燥嚴重,請問有什麼改善方法?I blow dry my hair every night, so my hair now is dry and frizzy. What should I do?

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang





稀釋於摩洛哥堅果油5ml + 夏威夷果仁油5ml

Try to blend a hair oil below, apply 5-6 drops, rub it at the palms and apply evenly to the hair (not the scalp), please see formula below:


Ylang ylang 4 drops

Rosemary 3 drops

Lemon 2 drops

Argan oil 5 ml

Macadamia oil 5 drops

最近受牙痛之苦,影響日常生活及進食,使用香薰可舒緩痛楚嗎? I have toothache recently which affects my daily diet, will essential oil helps?

tea tree








Try to blend the formula below, simply apply one drop at the infected area and the surrounding gum, it should ease the pain:

Tea tree 6 drops

Roman chamomile 2 drops

Myrrh 2 drops

Peppermint 2 drops

Sunflower oil 10 ml

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BRCL01 USB Burner with Essential Oil 10ml 3

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我想蒸薰甜美快樂的氣味,有何推介? Any recommendation for a sweet and happy blend?



甜橙 3滴

葡萄柚 3滴

天竺葵 2滴


Try to vaporize the formula below with a burner:

Orange sweet 3 drops

Grapefruit 3 drops

Geranium 2 drops