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精油是什麼? What is essential oil?


市面上香薰種類五花百門, 再加上最近關於精油的新聞又鬧得熱哄哄, 再度引起了各方對精油的迷思。於是我們又再跟大家重溫一下關於精油的小知識。

精油是從單一植物萃取的天然高濃度物質, 因此絕對不應滲入以人工合成的化學成分。精油主要透過蒸餾法, 冷壓法及溶劑萃取法提煉而成, 含有植物的有機化學分子, 亦正因為這些有機化學分子, 精油才會有相應的療效, 可運用於心理和生理層面。精油氣味香濃且具揮發性, 使用用法普遍可配合香薰爐蒸薰或稀釋後作身體按摩。

但必需注意: 由於香薰油是非常濃縮的植物精華, 因此不可食用, 同時亦必須以底油稀釋後才可用於皮膚。


Essential oil is a high concentration natural substance derived from single plant source, thus it is unqualified to be pure essential oil if artificial constituents to rectify the oil.

Essential oil is made by distillation, cold expression and solvent extraction. The product contains plant’s chemical constituent, highly fragrant and volatile. It provides therapeutic power to body and mind by vaporization or topical application with diluted essential oil. Since essential oil is highly concentrated plant extract, we must dilute it with base oil before we apply on skin, and it is NOT edible.


天賜的禮物: 乳香 The precious gift from nature: Frankincense



Frankincense is as valuable as gold in ancient times, temples do also burn frankincense as a worship to Gods. Frankincense is a resin that brings calmness and provides space for meditation. Blend 2 drops of Frankincense with 2 drops of Sandalwood when doing meditation. Frankincense can blend with cypress too.

不同的花水可混合使用嗎?Can I mix floral water?



  • 25ml 金縷梅花水+75ml 玫瑰花水,美容功效非常出色,既保濕、平衡膚色及可收歛毛孔,可作女性爽膚水用。
  • 25ml 金縷梅花水+75ml 薰衣草花水,可作男性刮鬍水用。


Sure, mixing floral water will complement each other, try the following combination:

  • 25ml witch hazel water+ 75ml rose water: great beauty effect, it hydrates and balances skin tone. It serves as an astringent as well.
  • 25ml witch hazel water+ 75ml lavender water: It can serve as after-shave

最近偶爾失眠,有什麼配方可作舒緩? I find it difficult to fell asleep sometimes, what can I do?



橙花             4 滴

檀香             3 滴

高山薰衣草  3 滴



Try the bathing formula below:

Neroli 4 drops

Sandalwood 3 drops

Lavender Alpine 3 drops

Dissolve this formula with dead sea salt and mix with bath water.

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