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平常性格急燥易發脾氣,有什麼可令情緒穩定? I get angry very easily, are there any simple way to clam my emotions?




Try the formula below with an aroma necklace:

Rose 3 drops

Frankincense 2 drops

Bergamot 2 drops

因每天在家中煮菜,令廚房有油煙味,可有辨法辟味嗎? I cook a lot at home, and I can feel the oil & smoke odour in my kitchen, what should I do?






Try to vaporize the formula below,

Peppermint 3 drops

Lime 3 drops

Rose Geranium 2 drops

在家中可用什麼方法驅蚊蟲? How can I repel insect at home?


香茅2滴 山





Try to vaporise the formula below:

Lavender 2 drops

Citronella 2 drops

Litsea Cubeba 2 drops

Tea tree 2 drops

如何使用香薰油做手部護理? Can I use essential oil for hand treatment?

可先用1湯匙黑糖混合3湯匙橄欖油, 再加入4滴天竺葵精油進行手部磨砂去死皮, 然後過水清洗, 會有滋潤及收緊的效果。


Mix a table spoon of black sugar with 3 table spoon of olive oil. Then add 4 drops of Geranium to do a hand scrub and remove cuticles. After rinse the mixture, you can feel the smoothness and firmness.

我想在辦公室使用香薰, 但又不方便使用香薰爐, 該怎麼辦呢? I would like to diffuser essential oil in the office, but better not to use a diffuser, what should I do?

可將香薰油滴到香薰石當中, 使座位能散發淡淡香氣, 建議可於辦公室使用的配方:




此配方既可減壓, 亦可提神,切合辦公室的情況


You can apply essential oil into the aroma stone, so there will be aroma around a small area, try the formula below with an aroma stone:

Lavendin 3 drops

Litsea cubeba 2 drops

Grapefruit 3 drops

朋友送我一支苦橙葉精油,但它氣味我不大喜歡,應如何配搭及使用?My friend gave me a petitgrain oil, but I don’t quite like it. How should I blend this oil?



Petitgrain can ease stress and insomnia, it goes well with Rose Geranium. You can try add Rose Geranium and Petitgrain (2 drops of each) into bath, it is a bitter- sweet sensation.

我的朋友新婚在即,我想買一部香薰機给他們,但不知送甚麼精油?I have friends who are getting marry soon, and I would like to buy them a diffuser as wedding gift, and which essential oil would you recommend?



Try the blend below:

Veitver 1 drop

Ylang ylang 2 drops

Rose Geranium 2 drops

Orange Sweet 3 drops

This combination includes floral, citrus, wood that bring layers to the aroma with longer blending time. Vetiver and ylang ylang can enhance relationship as well.