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腳部疲勞、脚痛及脚臭,應如何舒缓? How to relieve foot muscle fatigue, pain and stink?

可用薰衣草、迷迭香、胡椒薄荷及檸檬精油各2滴加死海盬混在温水中,浸脚10分鐘。然後用以上精油稀釋在15ml 葡萄籽底油內作腳部按摩用。


Mix lavender, Rosemary, peppermint and lemon (2 drops each) into warm water with dead sea salt for a 10 minute foot bath. Then use the same essential oil formula into 15ml of grapeseed oil for foot massage.

廣藿香精油對皮膚有甚麼效用? What does Patchouli oil do?






Patchouli is suitable for dry and mature skin, it boosts cell regeneration, aid wound healing, prevents inflammation and cracked skin, try the following massage oil blend for facial massage:

Rosehip oil 2ml

Apricot oil 8 ml

Patchouli 2 drops

Rose 1 drop

Frankincense 1 drop

天氣潮濕,洗完的衣服還是有霉味,有什麼方法可以幫忙? How to repel the mouldy smell of the laundry?






Drip the following essential oil onto a piece of towel, then wash it together with the clothes. It smells refreshing with anti-bacterial effect:

Tea tree 2 drops

Lemongrass 2 drops

天氣濕悶,令人心情變差,有什麼精油可幫我改善情緒?The humid weather is making me so moody, any essential oil blend can improve my emotions?






Try to vaporize the formula below:

Bergamot 3 drops

Lavender 3 drops

Litsea Cubeba 2 drops

考試溫習,可會有醒神醒腦,增加記憶力的配方? Exam is coming soon, are then any essential oil blend can aid concentration and memory?


迷迭香 2滴

檸檬 3滴

羅勒 1滴



Try to vaporise the blend below during revision:

Rosemary 2 drops

Lemon 3 drops

Basil 1 drop

有沒有適合老人家放鬆舒緩的按摩配方?Any massage oil blend is suitable for elderly to relax?



檀香 4滴

橘子 4滴

黑胡椒 2滴

甜杏仁油 25ml



Sandalwood is very calming, mandarin can aid digestion as well as calming emotions. Black pepper can boost circulation, almond sweet oil is nourishing, suitable for all skin type. Try the massage oil blend below for full body massage:

Sandalwood 4 drops

Mandarin 4 drops

Black pepper 2 drops

Almond sweet oil 25ml

長時間練舞,小腿肌肉酸痛僵硬,關節疼痛,如何使用精油紓緩? My lower legs are stiff and tired with painful joints due to long hour of dancing, how can I relieve the pain?


絲柏 12滴

薑 12滴

尤加利 8滴

薄荷 8滴

小麥胚芽油 30ml

向日葵油 70ml



Cypress can boost circulation, ginger can warm up muscles, eucalyptus and peppermint have analgesic effect. Wheatgerm can be used on tired muscles, try the fomula below:

Cypress 12 drops

Ginger 12 drops

Eucalyptus 8 drops

Peppermint 8 drops

Wheatgerm Oil 30ml

Sunflower Oil 70ml

Mix well, and massage at painful area until fully absorbed before and after dancing.