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日本DTW 花藥系列 DTW Flower Essence: 甜睡 Comfortable Sleep


甜睡: 以花卉的力量助您一覺好眠

當焦慮, 壓力等精神因素影響你的睡眠質素, 早上起床總是感到睡不飽, 就正正是甜睡花藥大派用場的時候! 對於時常半夜起床難以再入睡, 受驚或是被做夢所影響的你, 此配方都可助你甜甜安睡, 獲得深層飽足的睡眠。

Comfortable Sleep: Get some ‘sleepzzz’ with flower energy!

Take this formula when anxiety, worry, stress, or mental arousal keeps you from taking a nice rest and feeling refreshed in the morning. It’s also great for those who wake during the night and can’t fall asleep again or for those who often have vivid, scary, or disturbing dreams. This formula supports your deep, peaceful sleep.



如何用精油製作天然保養頭皮的噴霧而同時又令頭髮充滿香氣?How can I make an aromatic spray for hair care?




薰衣草  3滴

香柏木 3滴

伊蘭伊蘭    3滴

精油溶解劑 9滴

綠茶精華素 10滴





Lavender and cedarwood is for scalp cleansing, ylang ylang brings shininess to the hair, green tea extract has antioxidant effect:

Lavender 3 drops

Cedarwood 3 drops

Ylang Ylang 3 drops

Solubilizer 9 drops

Green tea extract 10 drops

Lavender Floral Water 15 ml

Mix the above ingredients, shake well before use. Spray over the scalp and massage the scalp slightly.

更年期的沮喪失落要如何用精油來排解?How to relieve depression during menopause?


奧圖玫瑰 2滴

橙花     2滴

伊蘭伊蘭 2滴

檀香   2滴


Rose Otto can relieve symptoms during menopause, it gives love and support; Neroli has a delicate smell that ease depression; ylang ylang will bring joy and relaxation; sandalwood will bring calm and peace, try the bath formula below:

Rose Otto 2 drops

Neroli 2 drops

Ylang Ylang 2 drops

Sandalwood 2 drops

Soak it in bath with dead sea salt for 15-20 minute.


孕期失眠有那些安全又好用的精油? Any suggestion for insomnia during pregnancy?

孕婦失眠有時因為身心壓力及生理改變而引起不適,可用橙花及佛手柑各2滴薰香。這兩種精油蒸薰, 可抗憂鬱及舒缓壓力,孕婦可放心使用。


The physical and emotional change during pregnancy will also cause insomnia, you can vaporize 2 drops of Neroli and 2 drops of Bergamot. This blend is anti-depressant and ease stresses, safe to be used during pregnancy.

日本DTW 花藥系列 DTW Flower Essence: 魅力男士 Fascination for Men


魅力男士: 由內到外散發令人傾心的男士魅力

傾國傾城, 何止是女士的專利? 魅力男士花藥能夠激發潛藏的雄風, 使你渾身散發動人的男士魅力, 生理上和精神上都變得更有力量和自信。

Fascination for Men: The masculine shining through from within

Here arrives Fascination for male folks! Increasing your hidden masculine, this formula helps you become powerful and active. Blended with herbal extracts historically used for strengthening the masculine, it powerfully supports you to be the man you want to be, both physically and mentally.



無香料面霜50ml+乳香5滴+玫瑰草4滴+沒藥3滴+維他命E油5滴, 這配對乾燥皮膚、老化皮膚以及皺紋都有效。

I have dry skin and fine lines, what should I do?

Try the moisturizer blend below, apply twice a day:

Unscented moisturizer 50ml

Frankincense 5 drops

Palmarosa 4 drops

Myrrh 3 drops

Vitamin E oil 5 drops

This formula is good for dry skin, ageing skin and wrinkles.

運動時會引起瘀傷或肌肉痛,可用什麼來舒緩這情況呢? How can I relieve bruises and muscle pain after sports?


Try the massage oil formula below:

Arnica infused oil 10ml

Sunflower oil 40ml

Rosemary 10 drops

Lavender 6 drops

Peppermint 4 drops

Apply at the painful area. Arnica oil can ease bruises, and the essential oil can relieve muscle pain.