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我長了一粒很頑強的暗瘡,該如何是好?I had a tough acne on my face, what should I do?







Try to blend an acne gel mask with the formula below:

Aloe vera gel 50ml

Tea tee 6 drops

Lavender 8 drops

Cypress 6 drops.

Apply a layer for gel mask onto the acne region, then cover up with a paper mask that soaked with witch hazel floral water for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse the face. This mask can by applied on the entire face or isolated region.

有什麼花水適合暗瘡肌膚使用? Which floral water is suitable for acne skin?

FWNA11 Witch Hazel Floral Water

薰衣草花水有溫和殺菌作用, 粉刺或暗瘡肌膚都適用; 另外遇上嚴重發炎的暗瘡, 可局部用金縷梅花水敷在患處10分鐘, 不用洗。

Lavender floral water is gentle with anti-bacterial effect, suitable for pimple and acne skin; if there’s inflamed acne, use witch hazel floral water as a mask, apply at the inflamed acne.

我是油性肌膚, 黑頭粉刺問題十分困擾我, 可有辦法解決? I have oily skin, and I have problems with black heads and acnes, what should I do?


完成基本潔面程序後, 用面部磨沙去角質, 有助肌膚有效地吸收護膚品。然後用以下步驟調配天然泥粉面膜作深層清潔, 綠泥粉適合油性肌膚, 有排毒和清潔作用:

面部深層清潔十分重要, 建議每星期敷2-次清潔面膜。

  1. 加入一茶匙天然綠泥粉於玻璃容器內
  2. 加入天竺葵花水和一滴茶樹精油與泥粉混和
  3. 敷面五分鐘待泥粉面膜半乾便可用水洗去

敷完深層清潔面膜後, 亦要注意保濕程序。建議可多敷一個澳洲天然黃粉紅泥粉面膜為肌膚保濕並使肌膚回復最佳狀態。


Deep cleansing is crucial, it is suggested to use cleansing mask twice a week.

After finish with the daily cleansing procedure, use facial scrub to remove dead skin cells, which helps your skin to absorb the nutrients more easily. Then follow the following steps to blend a natural clay mask for deep cleansing. Green clay is suitable for oily skin, which can detox and deep cleansing effect:

  1. Add 1 teaspoon of natural green clay into a glass container
  2. Add geranium floral water and 1 drop of tea tree to mix with the clay
  3. Apply the mask for around 5 minutes until the mask is halfway dry, wash the mask away with water.

After applying the cleansing mask, hydration is also important. It is suggested to use one more pastel pink clay mask to rehydrate the skin.

面上有暗瘡印, 有什麼方法可減退? How to reduce acne spots on the face?


乳香精油及薰衣草精油有減退疤痕的功效, 而蘆薈啫喱, 有補濕及令傷口癒合作用, 可自制退疤啫喱如下:

蘆薈啫喱 30ML

薰衣草精油 6滴

乳香精油 6滴

維他命E油 10滴


Frankincense and lavender can reduce scar. Aloe vera gel has hydrating power and speed up wound healing. You can blend a facial gel for scars with the formula below:

Aloe vera gel 30ml

Lavender 6 drops

Frankincense 6 drops

Vitamin E Oil 10 drops

本人長期受面油粉刺困擾, 可有抗衡妙法? I am suffering from acne and over sebum production, what should I do?



天竺葵純露可以於潔面後作爽膚之用。另外用上自行調配的面霜, 配方如下:


天竺葵精油 10滴

薰衣草精油 5 滴

乳香5 滴



Geranium is good for balancing sebum production, you can use hydrosol and moisturizer as daily skincare. Geranium hydrosol can be used as toner after washing your face, then apply moisturizer accordingly. You can blend a moisturizer with the formula below:


Unscented moisturiser 50ml

Geranium 10 drops

Lavender 5 drops

Frankincense 5 drops