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我的孩子5個月大, 請問適合開始香薰治療嗎? My child is 5 months old, is it suitable to start with aromatherapy?

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由於嬰孩的器官仍在生長發育階段, 所以溫和與低濃度配方是重點, 絕不能過份刺激。建議嬰孩可先試用純露 (例如薰衣草, 羅馬洋甘菊純露), 純露可直接用在皮膚上, 亦可於嬰孩洗澡時加入1-2湯匙, 會有舒緩平衡皮膚的作用


Babies’ organs are still in an early development stage, so stay gentle and low concentration will be the key when applying aromatherapy. We will suggest babies start with using hydrosol first ( such as lavender and roman chamomile hydrosol). Hydrosol can directly apply onto the skin, and also you can add 1-2 table spoon of hydrosol into the babies’ bath.