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我最近「濕疹咀」發作, 唇的外圍有紅腫痕癢的情況, 另外也有嚴重脫皮, 該如何是好? There is eczema growing around my mouth, its now swollen, itching and chapped. What should I do?

為唇部提供深度的滋潤非常重要, 可利用以下針對皮炎和敏感的配方自製潤唇膏傍身, 每當乾燥痕癢之時馬上厚塗潤唇膏, 應可減輕痕癢脫皮的情況:






先將蜂蠟和底油混合加熱直至蜂蠟完全溶解, 再加入羅馬洋甘菊精油攪拌, 快速將混合物注入5g唇膏桶風乾, 凝固成形後即可使用。

晚上睡前除了厚塗潤唇膏, 亦可於唇部外圍塗1滴金盞花浸泡油。


Moisturizing is very important. Try to DIY a lipbalm for skin inflammation with the recipe below. Apply at the lips when necessary.


Beeswax 1.5g

Calendula infused oil 2.5g

Borage 1.5g

Seabuckthorn Oil 1 drop

Roman Chamomile 1 drop

Mix the beeswax and the base oil, then double boil them until the beeswax melted completely. Then add in the Roman Chamomile and stir swiftly. Pour the mixture into a 5g lipbalm tube and wait until it dry completely.

You may also apply one drop of Calendula infused oil around the lips apart from applying the lipbalm.

濕疹發作時,身體痕癢乾燥難耐,有什麼香薰配方可作舒緩?Eczema makes my skin dry and itchy, what should I do?

chamomile roman


濕疹配方 :

杏核油             20 毫升

琉璃苣             10 毫升

羅馬洋甘菊       6 滴

薰衣草               4 滴

沒藥                   2 滴


Try to use base oil for protection, borage and apricot kernel oil are suggested.

Eczema massage oil formula:

Apricot Kernel Oil 20ml

Borage Oil 10ml

Roman chamomile 6 drops

Lavender 4 drops

Myrrh 2 drops

死海鹽可舒緩濕疹嗎? Can dead sea salt relieve eczema?

死海的海水裏含有大量的鎂、鈉、鈣、鉀和氯,死海鹽可以治療皮膚病, 有效幫助皮膚消炎, 舒緩痕癢。你可使用死海鹽浸浴, 或以死海鹽泡水, 再以鹽水洗擦身體, 亦有效舒緩濕疹情況。

Dead sea water contains substantial magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium and chlorine, which can be used to heal skin diseases, anti-skin inflammatory and relieve itchiness. You can relieve eczema by soaking a dead sea salt bath, or clean and scrub your body with dead sea salt water.

手掌有濕疹,痕癢非常,影響工作,有什麼精油可幫助?What essential oils can help to sooth the eczema on palm which affecting my attention during working?

What essential oils can help to sooth the eczema on palm which affecting my attention during working?
You can put 3-5 drops of geranium essential oil in a pot of warm water,hand bath for about 10 minutes, then prepare the massage oil in following apply on hands:
Sweet almond oil 10ml
Jojoba oil 10ml
3 drops of geranium essential oil
2 drops Roman Chamomile

有哪種精油可以舒緩濕疹呢?Can you suggest any essential oil which can relieve eczema?

chamomile blue

德國藍甘菊是一個不錯的選擇, 作為一種天然抗炎劑,它有助於減輕炎症,紅腫症狀,腫脹和疼痛, 能有效舒緩肌膚,幫助減少痕癢。另外德國藍甘菊亦具有抗菌功能,能有助於減少感染的機會。同時它亦是鎮靜劑, 可以幫助你睡得更好。

Can you suggest any essential oil which can relieve eczema?

Chamomile German is a good choice. As a natural anti inflammatory, it helps to relieve the symptoms of inflammation, redness, swelling and soreness. It is antiseptic; therefore it can help to soothe your skin and help to reduce itchiness, preventing further damage to your skin. It is anti-bacterial, it help to reduce the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, reducing the chance of an infection. It is sedative. It helps you sleep better if your eczema tends to keep you awake at night, because of itching or irritation.

有什麼治癒濕疹的方法?What is the cure for eczema?

將10ml月見草油與1滴檀香、1滴乳香、1滴廣藿香混合. 月見草油具有罕有的養份—珈瑪次亞麻油酸,能有效增強免疫系統,有效舒緩濕疹、及異位性皮膚炎。檀香、乳香及廣藿香能抒缓濕疹徵狀.

What is the cure for eczema?
Evening primrose oil has rare nutrients – gamma-linolenic acid, can effectively enhance the immune system, and effectively relieve eczema. Sandalwood, frankincense and patchouli can express relief of eczema symptoms.
10ml Evening Primrose oil
1 drop Sandalwood
1 drop Frankincense
1 drop Patchouli

本人有經痛問題,可使用什麼精油改善呢?I have menstrual pain problem what can I do to improve it?

clary sage

I have menstrual pain problem what can I do to improve it?
Use the following formula:
Arnica Oil 30ml
Sweet almond oil 20ml
Jojoba oil 50ml
15 drops of Cypress
10 drops of Clary Sage
5 drops of Rose Geranium
After mixing, use it for abdominal massage to improve menstrual pain problems.