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如何舒緩被蚊咬後的痕癢呢 ?How to relieve itchy mosquito bites?

aloe vera

aloe vera

如何舒緩被蚊咬後的痕癢呢 ?

How to relieve itchy mosquito bites?
Using the following formula:
Aloe Vera Gel 30 ml
8 drops of Lavender
3 drops of Peppermint
4 drops of Chamomile
The above mixed together and apply to the affected area.

精油過了樽身上標明的有效期,繼續使用是否有害?Is it harmful to use expired essential oil?


Is it harmful to use expired essential oil?
Essential oil bottles marked the best use date, after a period of validity and efficacy of aromatherapy essential oils will weakened. If do not want to waste the remaining oil, these oils can be used in household cleaning, such as vacuuming, wipe furniture, mopping, etc., for disinfection purposes.

請問自制的潤唇膏有效使用期限為多長? What is the expiry date for a DIY lip balm from the day I make?


What is the expiry date for a DIY lip balm from the day I make?

Lip Balm set

由於自制的潤唇潤一般都不會加添任何人造防腐劑, 一般建議使用期限為半年, 你亦可以潤唇膏中加添一些有天然防腐功效原材料於產品中, 如小麥胚芽油等等, 亦可加強產品的天然防腐功能。

We usually don’t add artificial preservative into DIY lip balms, we suggest the expiry date for half year. However you can add some natural preservatives like Wheatgerm oil to extend the shelf life of the balms.

精華油過了最佳使用日期仍可使用嗎?Can I still use my expired essential oils?


Can I still use my expired essential oils?



The natural ingredients and therapeutic effect will lose by time since you open your essential oil but the scent is still. The essential oil won’t be expired but if it stored for too long, its therapeutic benefit would be lower. Stronger therapeutic benefits, fresher essential oil is; contrary, as the chemical component in plants have been oxidized by air over time, therapeutic benefits are much less. The listed expired date is for reference, the method of use is much more crucial.

Although expired essential oil does not suit for skin care, it can still use with burner to enjoy the beautiful scent. Some essential oils are antiseptic like lemon and tea tree can use for house clearing (e.g. laundry, clearing floor).