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眼睛周圍可用精油按摩嗎? Can essential oil be used around the eye area?

可以 , 精油按摩可減少眼部的皺紋,撫平细小的纹路,眼睛周圍極為脆弱,因此務必使用最薄的底油及用最小劑量的精油(大约0.5%),即15ml 底油用3滴精油,底油可選擇杏核油、桃仁油、萄葡籽油、榛子油等。精油方面可選擇洋甘菊、玫瑰、乳香及檀香等,這些精油不但可減淡黑眼圈及眼纹,也有保濕及緊緻的效用。

Yes it can, eye massage can reduce wrinkles around the eyes. As the eye area is a very tender region, the base oil used better be thin in texture and dilute the essential oil very well. (Around 0.5% dilution rate). That is 3 drops of essential oil in 15ml of base oil. For base oil choices, apricot oil, peach kernel oil, grapeseed oil, hazelnut oil can be used. And we can also sue essential oil use as Roman Chamomile, Rose Otto, Frankincense, Sandalwood. These oils not only can reduce wrinkles and dark circles, they also hydrates and firms the skin.

有嚴重黑眼圈.可用什麼配方護理呢? How to relieve dark eye circles?

羅馬洋甘菊花水用作敷眼,每日用青瓜眼部啫喱15ML 混合1滴玫瑰奧圖.待吸收後,再輕輕打圈按摩到完全吸收
Apply Roman Chamomile as eye mask, then mix 1 drop of Rose Otto essential oil with 15ml of cucumber eye gel, massage the eye area in circular motion until fully absorbed.




可利用熱敷法:於一盤約500ML的熱水加入一滴乳香精油, 沾濕毛巾, 再扭乾。用此熱毛巾敷眼約10分鐘, 有助舒緩眼睛疲勞。緊記敷眼時必須閉上眼晴。


How to relieve tired and puffy eyes if I use a lot of computer?

You can try hot compress:

Put 1 drop of frankincense into a pot of hot water around 500ml, soak and drain the towel. Apply this towel at the eye area for 10minute, remember to close your eyes during the application.

眼睛使用不當,引起眼睛疲勞,可用那種精油舒緩眼部不適?方法如何? My eyes always feel tired, what should I do?

chamomile roman



Try to blend a massage oil with the formula below:

Lavender 2 drops

Roman Chamomile 3 drops

Frankincense 1 drop

Almond Sweet Oil 30ml

Mix well, and apply it around the eye area, it speeds up blood circulation and ease the puffiness.

因長時間坐在電腦前, 對著螢光幕, 有什麼方法可改善眼部疲勞? I spend a lot of time in front of the computer, how to sooth my eyes tiredness?

chamomile roman

可使用羅馬洋甘菊花水敷眼, 能有效紓緩眼部疲勞, 黑眼圈浮腫問題。


You can try to use roman chamomile floral water as eye mask to improve problems around the eye area such as tiredness, dark circle and puffiness.

哪些精油合適使用於眼部護理呢? Which essential oil is suitable for eye care?

chamomile roman





Rose and chamomile roman are good for eye care.

Add one drop of the above essential oil into 10ml of eye base and mix well, then it is ready for day and night use. Rose has whitening and anti-wrinkle effect, while chamomile roman is famous for its anti-allergy power.


想自製一瓶眼霜,來舒緩黑眼圈及減退乾紋,有什麼配方?How to DIY an eye cream for relief dark circles and diminishes fine lines?

chamomile roman
How to DIY an eye cream for relief dark circles and diminishes fine lines?
Unscented eye cream base 15 ml
Rose Otto 1 drop
Roman chamomile 1 drop
Marine Collagen 5 drops