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減肥之後,如何保持肌膚緊實? How to keep my skin to stay firm after weight loss?


乳香   6滴

薰衣草 8滴

檀香   5滴

廣藿香 6滴

甜杏仁油 35ml

小麥胚芽油 15ml



Try the massage oil formula below:

Frankincense 6 drops

Lavender 8 drops

Sandalwood 5 drops

Patchouli 6 drops

Almond sweet oil 35 ml

Wheatgerm oil 15ml

Mix the above ingredients and massage twice a day.



什麼配方可使面部緊緻 ? Any suggestions for facial firming?


橙花具有抗老化,緊緻作用。首先,可定期使用橙花面部磨砂作清潔護理 ,建議每週1-2 次清潔後,可使用橙花花水作爽膚水使用  , 及後, 使用海藻骨膠原作精華使用 。最後使用抗老化緊緻面霜:

無香料面霜  30 毫升

橙花               3 滴

絲柏               3 滴

乳香               2 滴


Neroli has firming and anti-aging effect. Use neroli facial scrub for deep cleansing 1-2 times a week, then use neroli floral water as toner, then use marine collagen as serum. Finally apply anti-aging cream with the formula below:

Unscented moisturizer base 30ml

Neroli 3 drops

Cypress 3 drops

Frankincense 2 drops

踏入更年期, 肌膚開始出現鬆弛現象, 可有辦法補救? Getting into menopause and my skin is starting to droop, what should I do?


玫瑰果油能有助皮膚細胞再生, 非常適合成熟肌膚。

配合以下配方按摩身體和面部, 能令肌膚回復緊緻有彈性。

玫瑰果基礎油 10ML

茶花籽基礎油 20ML

天竺葵 6滴

乳香 3滴

橙花 3滴

早晚各按摩一次, 胸前, 頸部, 全臉按摩。


Rosehip oil is good for cell regeneration, thus very suitable for aging skin.

You can blend a massage oil for face and body with the formula below, which helps to increase skin’s firmness and elasticity:

Rosehip oil 10ml

Camellia oil 20ml

Geranium 6 drops

Frankincense 3 drops

Neroli 3 drops

Massage the chest, neck and face once every day and night.