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如日常出現痛風情況,可以使用精油來減輕痛楚? How can I relieve gout with essential oil?


Use 30ml of sesame oil with 5 drops of juniper and 5 drops of cypress to blend a massage oil. Juniper and cypress can boost blood circulation and body detox. Massage daily with balance diet.

本人患有痛風 , 每當發作時很難受 , 請問有什麼精油可以減低此症狀? I have gout and the pain is unbearable, which essential helps to relieve the symptoms?


由於過多組織廢物無法排除 , 引起關節發炎、腫脹 , 用以下配方作按摩可以有舒緩效果:



杜松子 2滴

迷迭香 2滴

德國藍甘菊有抗發炎 , 杜松子有排毒代謝廢物, 迷迭香可以增加患處的血液循環 , 減少充血及發炎的症狀。



Gout is caused by deposition of waste body material inside the joints, causing inflammation and swelling. Massage the infected area with the soothing formula below:

Almond sweet oil 10ml

Chamomile blue 2 drops

Juniper 2 drops

Rosemary 2 drops

Chamomile blue has anti-inflammation effect, juniper can detox, and rosemary can improve blood circulation, lessen hyperemia and inflammation symptoms.