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流感肆虐,可有老人和小孩都適用的配方可增強身體抵抗力?Influenza is spreading. Are there any formulation can strengthen the immune system which suitable for elderly and kids?






Try to vaporize the formula below:

Ravensara 4 drops

Lemon 3 drops

Tea Tree 3 drops

This formula as anti-bacterial effect too.


可有什麼方法預防流感?How to prevent influenza?












Try the vaporization formula below, it is anti-bacterial and strengthens the respiratory system:

Lemon 2 drops

Lime 1 drop

Peppermint 2 drops

Rosemary 1 drop

Eucalyptus 2 drops

Clove 1 drop


香薰妙法抗流感 Smart tips using aromatherapy against influenza


正值流感高𡶶期, 病毒, 惡菌四處散播令人防不勝防。除了注意保健及個人衛生外, 我們亦可利用天然精華油進行殺菌抗病毒, 同時亦可增強身體免疫力, 為自己和家人以最天然的方法作最強的準備!

室內蒸薰法 – 香薰油具有殺菌作用, 配合香薰爐薰香, 即可輕易將香薰油內的抗菌分子帶到室內不同的角落, 建議配方:茶樹 3 滴 + 羅文莎華葉 2 滴 + 檸檬3 滴 +尤加利 3 滴

強化口罩 口罩總是令人又愛又恨,一方面需要口罩作為抗菌的屏障, 另一方面口罩的焗促感則令人卻步。可試加一滴精油在口罩內, 如: 羅文莎華葉, 尤加利, 胡椒薄荷, 青檸等。既可加強口罩的抗菌作用, 亦可暢通呼吸道, 減低口罩的悶熱感。

精油洗衣 – 洗衣時可加入10-15滴具殺菌力的香薰油 (如:胡椒薄荷 , 薰衣草 , 茶樹檸檬等), 可加強衣服的消毒潔淨效果。

DIY天然清潔劑 – 將香薰油加入清水中, 即可用於日常家居清潔如洗地除塵。建議配方: 清水一桶 + 尤加利5 滴 + 松木5 滴 +檸檬5 滴 + 溶解劑15滴

DIY 便攜殺菌噴霧 -將香薰油加入裝滿蒸餾水的小瓶中, 便攜殺菌噴霧即可完成, 同時亦具有除臭功能。建議配方: 蒸餾水30ml + 絲柏10 滴 + 綠花白千層10 滴 + 山雞椒 10 滴+ 溶解劑30滴

The recent outbreak of influenza is nerve-wracking, virus and bacteria is just surrounding everywhere. Apart from paying extra attention to health care and personal hygiene, we can also use essential oil for anti-virus purpose as well as strengthening the immune system. Get yourself and your family prepared with the most natural remedies.

Indoor vaporization – Essential oil has anti-bacterial effect. Diffuse the essential oil with a burner can easily spread the anti-bacterial compound indoor. Suggested formula: tea tree 3 drops + Ravensara Wild 2 drops + Lemon 3 drops + Eucalyptus 3 drops

Facial mask upgrade– Wearing a facial mask can be both pleasant and annoying thing. The mask can protect us from exposing to virus, but the stuffiness is a nightmare too. Try adding 1 drop of essential oil into the mask, such as Ravensara Wild, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lime, etc. This increases the anti-virus effect of the facial mask, as well as soothing the respiratory system and gives a refreshing feeling to the mask.

Laundry – Add 10-15 drops of anti-bacterial essential oil into the laundry. Such as: Peppermint, lavender, Tea tree lemon, etc. It cleans and sterilize the clothes perfectly.

DIY natural cleaning agent – Simply add the essential oil into the water will already make a nice cleaning agent for housekeeping usage. Suggested formula: a bucket of water + Eucalyptus 5 drops + Pine 5 drops + Lemon 5 drops + Solubilizer 15 drops

DIY pocket-size anti-bacterial spray – Add the essential oil into a small spray bottle, then a pocket-size anti-bacterial spray is good to go, it also repels odour. Suggested formula: Distilled water 30ml + Cypress 10 drops + Niaouli 10 drops + Litsea Cubeba 10 drops + Solubilizer 30 drops