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選擇一張優質的按摩牀時,應考慮什麼因素?What is the factor of choosing a well-equipped massage table?


What is the factor of choosing a well-equipped massage table?






DK Aromatherapy為客人考慮各種因素,選擇了Earthlite. Earthlit是按摩床公司的始祖,源於美國。除了通過各種安全測驗外,他們製造按摩床的用料及過程均以環保和減少浪費為前題。他們的有極高的載重能力,多款顏色選擇,部份款式更有終身保養服務。

Giving a body massage is a method to show our love to beloved ones. So, we should consider some factors before choosing a well-equipped massage table. The followings are those factors:

  1. high      working weight
  2. pass      the safety test of massage table’s material
  3. easy      to keep
  4. durability

DK Aromatherapy know about your concern, so we provide Earthlite as our massage table. Earthlite is the 1st world brand  massage table company. It made in USA. Despite of passing safety test, their material uses and production are all  environmental friendly. They have high working weight, different colour and lifetime limited warranty.