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如何使灰甲恢復健康? How to deal with onychomycosis?

tea tree

先用茶樹及馬鬰蘭精油各5滴, 滴入溫水中, 浸泡手指或腳指, 然後用茶樹精油沿甲溝滴下去。

Soak the fingers or toes into warm water that already added tea tree and marjoram (5 drops each). Then apply one drop of tea tree along the side of the nails.


可以用香薰油處理灰甲問題嗎? Can I use essential oils to treat Onychomycosis?

可以用香薰油處理灰甲(甲癬) 問題嗎?
Can I use essential oils to treat Onychomycosis?

可以! 可以使用茶樹精華油和檸檬精油。茶樹有效殺死真菌,可直接塗在患處。或可與底油調和至5%。

Sure! Tea tree oil and Lemon oil are very effective oils to kill the fungi that cause Onychomycosis. Also can use them directly on the affected area or diluted with carrier oil with 5% essential oil.