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與好友歡聚時過分盡興, 酒喝多了, 第二天出現宿醉的情況, 該怎麼辦? I drank too much in the party, and I’m still hangover the next day, what should I do?







將此配芳混合後, 打圈按摩太陽穴和胸口位置。


Try to blend a massage oil with the formula below:

Sweet almond oil 10ml

Lavender 2 drops

Nutmeg 2 drops

Peppermint 1 drop

Mix the above ingredients and massage the temples and the chest.



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如何以精華油去提升室內的浪漫情調? How to use essential oils to increase romantic mood?


How to use essential oils to increase romantic mood?


To increase romantic mood in indoor area, you may use essential oils such as Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Rose into a burner. They can increase     sensuality and make you feel relaxed.

聖誕節將來臨,我可以在家點甚麼香薰油有一點聖誕氣紛呢? Any essential oil is good for Christmas for home use?

Any essential oil is good for Christmas for home use?

你可以用甜橙2滴,肉桂葉1滴,松木1滴點在爐上,甜橙,肉桂葉,松木混合用作薰作, 可令人愉快,激勵和消除疲勞的作用。

Orange 2 drops, cinnamon 1 drops and pine 1 drop in oil burner for vaporization, they are very relaxing, encouraging and cheering, let’s try at home for your wonderful Christmas!

芳香派對 Aroma party










Aroma party

Christmas is a season for parties.  When planning a party, do not focus your energy solely on the food, people may drop off because those parties are predictable and lack of interests.  Try having a different entertainment party this year; give a party with your personal taste and uniqueness.

Scent stimulates your senses.  Spice up your party with essential oils and invite your family or guests to discover the tantalizing aromas.  Divide the venue in different partitions for specific themes.  Put essential oils in the corners to create moods for your themes, allow your guests to participate the party with their moods and this makes you party totally different from the rest.

Prepare the presents with handmade facial mist, aroma soap, massage oil, shower gel etc.  This special party is an opportunity; it lets u and your fellow to see, smell, touch and experience the natural gift from our mother nature. It’s the unique experience that is not only fun but also meaningful.  Introduce a holistic and wellbeing life style to your buddies.

You will give them the memorable party!

Christmas Blend: Cinnamon, Orange, Pine

Christmas Tree Blend: Cedarwood, Juniper, Vetiver

Relaxing Blend: Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Orange

Forest Blend: Lemon, Ginger, Neroli, Ylang ylang