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我肚子上有很多因肥胖而出現的橙皮紋,我可以怎樣改善這個情況? My stomach have stretch marks due to cellulite, what should I do?



Try to blend a massage oil with the formula below and massage the waist and stomach:

Grapefruit 2 drops

Cypress 2 drops

Rosehip oil 10ml

Rosehip can improve stretch marks, grapefruit and cypress can boost blood circulation, speed up the firming process.



我懷孕3個月,請問有什麼香薰配方可預防妊娠紋? I am now at the third month of my pregnancy, any essential oil can prevent stretch marks?


建議懷孕踏入第4個月才開始使用精油。檀香和橙花精油都有卓越的去紋效果, 加入底油稀釋至1-2%便可使用。至於懷孕頭3個月又想早點開始預防妊娠紋的工作, 可直接使用含維他命E的植物底油按摩, 效果都非常不錯喔! 可試用以下無精油的妊娠紋按摩油配方:

配方1: 玫瑰果油 20 ml + 芝麻油 30ML

配方2: 小麥胚芽油 10ML + 甜杏仁油 40ML


We will suggest start using essential oil at the 4th month, sandalwood and neroil are both great for stretch marks, mix with base oil into 1-2% dilution then it’s good to go. During the 1st trimester , you can massage with base oil that rich in Vitamin E without essential oil, try the formula below:

Formula 1: Rosehip oil 20ml + Sesame Oil 30ml

Formula 2: Wheatgerm oil 10ml + Almond sweet oil 40ml

如何減淡產後妊娠紋? How to reduce stretch marks after pregnancy?


Essential oil such as Tangerine, sandalwood, frankincense can help to reduce scar and stretch marks. You can massage the abdomen by blending the following formula:
Flaxeed Oil 50ml
Vitamin E Oil 10ml
Tangerine 10 drops
Sandalwood 10 drops
Frankincense 10 drops

分娩後,想回復腹部彈性,可使用什麼呢?How to recover the abdomen skin as smooth and silky after childbirth?

Rose Hip
How to recover the abdomen skin as smooth and silky after childbirth?
Formulas as following:
Rosehip Oil 30ml
Argan oil 60ml –
Wheatgerm oil 10ml
4 drops of Roses
3 drops of frankincense
3 drops geranium
Using with this mixing oil at least twice times a day, gentle apply and massage onthe abdomen until absorbed.

請問胡蘿蔔浸泡油有甚麼功效? What is the function of Carrot Infused Oil?


What is the function of Carrot Infused Oil?

Carrot seed

胡蘿蔔浸泡油內含豐富維他命, 有抗炎功效, 適用舒緩濕疹, 牛皮癬等問題皮膚, 皮膚護理方面, 胡蘿蔔浸泡油適用於乾性及老化肌膚, 增加皮膚再生能力, 亦可用作預防妊娠紋。

Carrot Infused Oil contains rich vitamins that help relieve inflammation, eczema and

Psoriasis. It is also good for mature dry skin, that can regenerate skin and prevent stretch marks.

玫瑰果油有什麼功效呢? 可以怎樣應用在皮膚護理上呢? What is the benefits of the Rosehip Oil? How it can use it?

玫瑰果油有什麼功效呢? 可以怎樣應用在皮膚護理上呢?
What is the benefits of the Rosehip Oil? How it can use it?

玫瑰果油是一種對皮膚很好的底油。它的功效有很多, 例如能美白,增加皮膚彈性, 去斑,去紋,去印, 亦能防止或去除妊娠紋。使用玫瑰果油的方法很簡單, 因為玫瑰果油為厚身油, 你可以將玫瑰果油混合於其他薄身油中,如桃核油等,混合很即可直接塗於皮膚, 你亦可加適量的精華油混合使用,效果更佳.你亦可將玫瑰果油加於無香味面霜中混合使用。

Rosehip Oil is really an outstanding base oil to the skin. It has a lot of fabulous properties, for examples whitening, toning, anti-pigment, anti-wrinkle, scar recovery, as well as preventing and relieving stretch mark. The way of using Roship oil is very simple, due to its nourishing nature, you can mix Rosehip Oil with other light oils such as apricot kernel to apply on to the skin directly.   To enhancing the effect, you can also add pure essential oils to the blend according to the dosage and mix with unscented face cream for day and night use.

本人正懷孕4個月, 請問我可以用甚麼精華油去避免會有妊娠紋問題? I am 4 months pregnant what essential oil should I use to prevent stretch marks?

本人正懷孕4個月, 請問我可以用甚麼精華油去避免會有妊娠紋問題?

I am 4 months pregnant what essential oil should I use to prevent stretch marks?


Stretch marks commonly occur during pregnancy or rapid weight gain and start out reddish or purple in colour and gradually turn white. They appear when the skin becomes overstretched and the fibres in the deep layers tear and although they are permanent, they become much less noticeable over time. Good news is if you have a healthy skin and good genetics and using essential oils may be your best bet to prevent or may not even have stretch marks.

Here are our best recommendations of essential oils Lavender, Neroli, Rose Otto and Mandarin you may blend it with sweet almond, wheatgerm and avocado. You could start to use essential oil from your last 3 months pregnancy.

Dilute the essential oil with base oil in 1% proportion:

* 100ml base oil: sweet almond, wheatgerm and avocado

* 20 drops essential oils, include:

4 drops Lavender

4 drops Neroli

2 drops Rose Otto

10 drops Mandarin






* 100ml 底油,包括: 甜杏仁油、小麥胚芽油及牛油果油

* 20 滴精華油,包括:

4 drops 薰衣草

4 drops 橙花

2 drops 奧圖玫瑰

10 drops 橘子