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塔羅牌及神諭卡有什麼分別? What’s the difference between Tarot and Oracle card?

What’s the difference between Tarot and Oracle card?

在系統上, 塔羅牌及神諭卡是完全不同. 前者共有七十八張 , 其中廿二張為主牌 , 五十六張副牌; 包含著四元素, 星座, 生命數字, 卡巴拉…等等的神秘學系統.  而神諭卡的重點在於主題. 卡的數量由十多張至百多張不等.

在占卜角度來看, 塔羅牌對於事件的情況, 影響因素等等會有較具體的答案.而且神諭卡的用法比較簡單. 只需抽一至三張就會得到卡中的小啟示.

解讀塔羅牌是需要對牌義有一定的知識及了解. 而神諭卡比較簡單, 基本上很多神諭卡每張都有一個啟示的詞語或一段句子. 所以比較隨心, 適合初學者使用.

Tarot had an unique system within 78 cards which is included 22 major arcana, 56 minor arcana.  The system of tarot based on four classical elements, kabala, horoscope, numerology from Mysticism …etc. On the other hand, Oracle card doesn’t have any particular system or structure. Oracle card have varying card numbers from less than 20 to more then 100 it based on the theme or topic.

Tarot card shows us the picture of the issue in different angles. The result of tarot can be very specific. For the oracle card it is easier to read by pick 1 ~ 3 cards as a daily omen.

Every tarot card reading requires the knowledge of the system in divination and symbolism. Compare to the tarot, oracle card is easy to understand the message from the simple words and pictures. It didn’t need any study for oracle readings. Oracle card is more suitable for beginners.