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時常集中精神使用電腦後非常頭痛, 香薰有什麼幫助?I feel strong headaches after using the computer, what should I do?



薄荷2 滴

薰衣草5 滴

甜橙5 滴


Try to apply the relaxing cream with the formula below:

Unscented moisturizer 30ml

Peppermint 2 drops

Lavender 5 drops

Orange sweet 5 drops

Apply the cream at the temples and the back of the neck.


工作了一整天,晚上還要上課,每天回家後都陷於精疲力竭,可選擇那些香薰精油製作按摩油以舒緩疲勞?I need to works in day time and attend classes at night time. I feel exhausted every night. How can essential oil relieve the tiredness?


洗澡後,把羅馬洋甘菊 2滴,橙花2滴,甜馬可蘭4滴,薰衣草1滴,甜橙5滴,加入30ml 甜杏仁油,調和後按摩全身即可,此配方可連續使用一至兩星期,觀察情況會否改善。

After shower, massage the body with the blend below:

Roman chamomile 2 drops

Neroli 2 drops

Marjoram 4 drops

Lavender 1 drop

Orange Sweet 5 drops

Almond Sweet 30ml

Try this formula for 1-2 weeks.