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去旅行可選擇什麼精油在身邊? Which essential oil I should take along for travel?

可以帶上薰衣草油,茶樹油和胡椒薄荷油。 薰衣草油:如果身上出現割傷,蚊咬等小傷口,可使用小量薰衣草油塗抹在傷口上。另外晚上亦可以將2滴薰衣草油滴在枕邊, 可以幫助入睡 茶樹油有消毒殺菌功效,可以在入住酒店時對浴室和床噴一噴已混有茶樹精油的水。 胡椒薄荷有驅散異味和止嘔的作用, 另外亦可應付胃氣脹的情況,如遇上坐車時有不適,可以立刻拿出胡椒薄荷聞一聞。

Lavender, tea tree and peppermint will be good options.


Lavender can handle cuts and mosquito bites, apply 1 drop on the necessary area. Besides, you can use 2 drops of lavender by the pillow side for better sleeping quality.


Tea Tree is anti- bacterial, so you can mix some tea tree oil with water to spray it a the bathroom or linens.


Peppermint can repel odour and prevent nausea, it can handle stomach gas too. You can also sniff at the peppermint when you have car sick.