最近天氣經常轉變,有什麼可增強免疫力,預防感冒? Weather changes a lot, any formulation can strengthen immune system and prevent flu?







Try to vaporize the formula below:

Ravensara 3 drops

Lime 2 drops

Eucalyptus 3 drops

Lemon 3 drops

This formula can strengthen immune system with anti-bacterial effect.

長期於冷氣房中工作,面部皮膚缺水,有什麼可幫助? My face is so dry when staying long hour in an air-conditioned room, what should I do?








You can prepare a hydration moisturizer for yourself in the room:

Unscented moisturizer base 30ml

Rose 3 drops

Palmarosa 2 drops

Neroli 1 drop

Rose is for anti-wrinkle, palmarosa is very hydrating and regenerates skin cell. Neroli is anti-aging can increase skin elasticity.


本DTW寵物花藥系列: DTW Flower Essence Pet Series 愛與淨化 (噴霧裝) Environment Support for Pets (spray bottle)


保護敏感的愛寵, 減輕無形的環境侵害

Environment Support for Pets 

Support for pets easily affected by environmental change, electromagnetic field or air pollution.




尤其小動物, 牠們對「能量震頻」比人類更敏感, 甚至能夠感應到少量幅射, 空氣污染, 以及電磁波活動。對於能量感應度高的毛孩, 影響就更深了。此噴霧有助淨化這些無形的環境侵害, 令毛寶寶感覺更舒適自在。


另外, 此配方亦適用於經歷過創傷的毛孩,例如意外或被其他動物襲擊過, 被遺棄, 被虐待, 因而對人類存在不信任, 此時則可將花藥噴灑在牠們身上,可以促進創傷復元及提高活力, 特別適合長期被遺棄的動物。


當愛寵感到疲累或不願意喝水的時候, 使用噴霧裝就更方便了。






因手術或意外做成的衝擊或外傷、住院時心靈護理 、經常搬屋、最近加入新寵物成員、轉換新主人、需要訓練時增強集中力及記憶力、演出時希望順利表現自己


The modern world with ever-present electromagnetic waves is highly stressful to pets which are sensitive to “vibration”.

Particularly smaller pets are far more sensitive that humans to even small amounts of radiation, air pollution and electromagnetic activity and this spray helps make their living environment more comfortable.


Additionally, when pets have had a frightening experience such as an accident or being attacked by another animal, spraying their living area can help speed up recovery and boost their energy.

Because it is a spray type, it is very effective when your pet is exhausted and is not drinking much water.

This product is also useful in improving the living environment for pets which have suffered abuse, been abandoned, or otherwise have developed a distrust of humans.


Good for pets which are left alone for long periods.


Habits to be improved

Intensive barking at other people or animal, trying to escape from the owner


Relevant situation

Injuries caused by surgery or accident, mind & soul healing during hospitalization, frequent house moving, newly adding new pet members, changing owners, improves concentration and memory during training, performs smoothly during show time


花藥組合 Combination extract:

Heart leaf, Echinacea, Yarrow White, Life of men, Red clover, Fireweed, Labrador tea, Dill


花藥組合 Combination extract:

Heart leaf, Echinacea, Yarrow White, Life of men, Red clover, Fireweed, Labrador tea, Dill

我想自製一支簡單的鬚後水給爸爸,可有建議? I would like to blend an after-shave for my dad, any suggestions?




We can use floral water with astringent effect:

Neroli Floral water 60ml

Witch Hazel Water 40ml

新產品: 香薰寵物護理系列

香薰寵物洗髮水200 ml
此配方能溫和地潔淨毛寶貝的毛髮, 蘊含精油成份, 不但氣味清新, 同時亦具有抗菌和消毒功效,不會做成皮膚乾燥, 為毛寶貝打造高貴閃亮的毛髮。
配方含有多種天然成份及香薰精油包括茶樹, 檸檬香桃木, 迷迭香和胡椒薄荷
使用方法: 將適量寵物洗髮水放到你的掌心 (或直接用於寵物的毛髮上), 加少量水直至起泡。清潔完畢後再以清水沖走泡沬。
香薰寵物護髮素200 ml
此配方專為照顧毛寶貝的毛髮而設, 令毛髮變得柔順亮麗。
寵物香薰閃亮噴霧50 ml
毛寶貝需要出席重要場合並以最佳狀態示人嗎? 寵物香薰閃亮噴霧則可大派用場了! 含有雲母成份, 令毛髮閃閃發亮, 增添迷人光彩, 尤其適合表演犬隻使用; 而蘆薈粉末則可鎮靜敏感肌膚。使用前先搖勻。
Xanthan Gum, Vanilla Bean Extract, Bergamot Oil, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera leaf Juice Powder, Natural Vitamin E, Calendula Flower Extract, Tagetes Erecta Flower Extract, Soya Bean Oil
適用於毛寶貝梳毛前或洗澡後, 可防止毛髮打結。獨特的香薰油配方能鎮靜寵物情緒, 並可溫和地使用於皮膚上。使用前先搖勻。
純水, 薰衣草精油, 冷壓檸檸精油, 松木精油, 澳洲檀香精油
含有天然香薰油的除臭噴霧, 可鎮靜寵物情緒, 特別適用於被雨水沾濕的毛髮,或用於洗澡後延長清新的香氣。 避免用於面部及眼睛, 使用前先搖勻。
酒精, 純水, 松木精油, 薰衣草精油, 胡椒薄荷精油
Pet Aromatherapy Shampoo 200ml
Our newly formulated Pet Shampoo has been designed to gently cleanse your furry friend’s coat. Enriched with a blend of essential oils that possess antibacterial, antiseptic and refreshing aromas, our newly improved Pet Shampoo will clean your pets coat, leaving a luxurious shine and smell without drying their skin.
Our formula contains a variety of naturally derived cleansers which are complimented with the natural properties and aromas of essential oils. Like Tea tree, Lemon myrtle, Rosemary and Peppermint
Usage: Place a generous amount of our Pet Shampoo in the base of your hand (or directly onto your pets’ coat) and work into a rich lather. Rinse and repeat to achieve maximum benefits.
Pet Aromatherapy Conditioner 200ml
Our Pet Conditioner has been designed specifically for pet hair, with light conditioning and a special ingredient to increase the natural shine of hair.
Pet Coat Shine and Shimmer 50 ml
Spritz your pets coat or hair before a special occasion or just to keep your pet looking perfectly groomed. With the addition of mica, our Coat Shine and Shimmer will give luster to your pet’s coat or hair and is perfect for show dogs. Aloe Vera Powder also helps to soothe your pet’s sensitive skin. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE
Xanthan Gum, Vanilla Bean Extract, Bergamot Oil, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera leaf Juice Powder, Natural Vitamin E, Calendula Flower Extract, Tagetes Erecta Flower Extract, Soya Bean Oil
Pet Hair Detangler 100ml
Apply an even mist of Hair Detangler over your pets coat or hair before brushing and after bathing to loosen and prevent irritating knots and tangles. The unique blend of natural essential oils will help to calm your pet while being gentle on their skin. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE
Purified Water, Lavender Oil, Lemon Cold Pressed Oil, Pine Oil, Sandalwood Australian Oil
Pet Spritz Deodoriser 100ml
Our Pet Spritz Deodoriser should be applied evenly over your pet’s coat or hair in between bath times and on rainy days to balance odours or after bathing to prolong the clean fresh smell. The carefully selected blend of essential oils imparts a natural scent while helping to calm and soothe your pet. Avoid sensitive areas such as their face and eyes. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.
Alcohol, Purified Water, Pine Oil, Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil

流感肆虐,可有老人和小孩都適用的配方可增強身體抵抗力?Influenza is spreading. Are there any formulation can strengthen the immune system which suitable for elderly and kids?






Try to vaporize the formula below:

Ravensara 4 drops

Lemon 3 drops

Tea Tree 3 drops

This formula as anti-bacterial effect too.

我長了一粒很頑強的暗瘡,該如何是好?I had a tough acne on my face, what should I do?







Try to blend an acne gel mask with the formula below:

Aloe vera gel 50ml

Tea tee 6 drops

Lavender 8 drops

Cypress 6 drops.

Apply a layer for gel mask onto the acne region, then cover up with a paper mask that soaked with witch hazel floral water for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse the face. This mask can by applied on the entire face or isolated region.

眼睛周圍可用精油按摩嗎? Can essential oil be used around the eye area?

可以 , 精油按摩可減少眼部的皺紋,撫平细小的纹路,眼睛周圍極為脆弱,因此務必使用最薄的底油及用最小劑量的精油(大约0.5%),即15ml 底油用3滴精油,底油可選擇杏核油、桃仁油、萄葡籽油、榛子油等。精油方面可選擇洋甘菊、玫瑰、乳香及檀香等,這些精油不但可減淡黑眼圈及眼纹,也有保濕及緊緻的效用。

Yes it can, eye massage can reduce wrinkles around the eyes. As the eye area is a very tender region, the base oil used better be thin in texture and dilute the essential oil very well. (Around 0.5% dilution rate). That is 3 drops of essential oil in 15ml of base oil. For base oil choices, apricot oil, peach kernel oil, grapeseed oil, hazelnut oil can be used. And we can also sue essential oil use as Roman Chamomile, Rose Otto, Frankincense, Sandalwood. These oils not only can reduce wrinkles and dark circles, they also hydrates and firms the skin.

日本DTW 寵物花藥系列 DTW Flower Essence Pet Series: 溫暖心房 Warming Heart for Pets



Warming Heart for Pets

For pets which easily get lonely and are often crying for their owner’s attention


每當主人不在身邊, 你的毛寶貝會感到不安甚至哭泣嗎?

此配方適合時常渴望被主人注意的愛寵, 可以將主人的愛和思念傳遞給牠們, 令寶貝感到自己被滿滿的愛包圍著, 排遣因寂寞而引起的壓力和焦慮。







經常舔腳或身體、堅持追趕主人身後、時刻緊貼主人不願分開、同住但關係不和諧 、寵物與主人分開時不停叫、壓力導致的異常行為



過早離乳 、飼主去世、與寵物分離


Helps pets which are always crying when their owner is away, and easily get lonely without their owner close by.

For a pet which craves your love and attention, helps to create a sense of ease and well-being that their owner’s affection is always there for them.

Particularly recommended for when you leave your pet at a pet hotel or need to be separated for extended periods.


Relevant character

Solitary, demanding


Habits to be improved

Excessive body and feet licking, insist of chasing after people, cannot stand for separation with the owner, disharmony, barking due to separation, abnormalities due to stress


Relevant situation

Cut off breastfeed in an early stage, owner deceased, separation


花藥組合 Combination extract:

Heart leaf, Echinacea, Yarrow White, Life of men, Red clover, Fireweed, Labrador tea, Dill

如何令秀髮亮澤柔軟? How to create soft and shiny hair?






洗髮前,用5ml 按摩頭皮,包裹30 分鐘後洗頭


Try the massage oil blend below:

Jojoba oil 50ml

Ylang Ylang 8 drops

Rosemary 5 drops

Clary sage 5 drops

Use 5ml of massage oil to massage the scalp, wrap the hair for 30min then rinse it with shampoo.