有什麼香薰可讓人活力一點?Any scent that can make me feel energetic?


果香滿溢配方 :

佛手柑           1 滴

葡萄柚           1 滴

青檸               1 滴

山雞椒           1 滴

香柏木           1 滴

Try this fruity formula below with a diffuser:

Bergamot 1 drop

Grapefruit 1 drop

Lime 1 drop

Litsea Cubeba 1 drop

Cedarwood 1 drop

我特別容易招惹蚊蟲叮咬,有什麼香薰可減退身體被咬後的疤痕?I am always the target of insect and mosquitoes, how can I reduce the scar after being bitten?


去印身體配方 :

橙花               5 滴

薰衣草           5 滴

乳香               5 滴

蘆薈啫喱      30 毫升


蘆薈具有沈澱皮膚黑色素,消炎抗菌 而配方具有去印,活膚,緊緻的功效


Try the formula below:

Neroli 5 drops

Lavender 5 drops

Frankincense 5 drops

Aloe vera gel 30ml

Seabuckthorn Oil 1 ml

Aloe vera gel can reduce pigmentation and anti-inflammation. The formula above is anti-scarring and revitalises skin.

我緊張時容易感到肚痛,甚至肚瀉,該如何是好? I have stomach pain or even diarrhoea whenever I feel nervous, what should I do?








Try to massage the stomach twice a day with the massage oil formula below:

Almond sweet 30ml

Neroli 3 drops

Mandarin 7 drops

Nutmeg 5 drops

我的貓咪下巴長了貓粉刺,該如何護理? My cat have grown some feline acne at her jaw, what should I do?



You can clean her jaw with roman chamomile floral water everytime after meal, and try to avoid using plastic feeding bowl.

最近時常與家人吵架,有什麼精油會有助緩和家中的氣氛? Recently I always have quarrels with my family, any essential oil can relieve the tension at home?


可配合香薰爐蒸薰以下配方: 乳香 4滴 橙花 3滴 薑 2滴 此配方可令人將煩覆的思緒沉澱,使大家冷靜下來好好解決問題,另外薑和橙花有溫暖心房的作用,可緩和吵架後餘下的疆硬氣氛。

Try to vaporize the formula below:

Frankincense 4 drops

Neroli 3 drops

Ginger 2 drops

This formula helps everyone to calm down and settle the problems together. Ginger and neroli can make one feel warm and being supported, can ease the tension after the quarrel.

臉上皮膚粗糙乾澀及有細紋出現, 有什麼方法可改善? My facial skin is very dry with fine lines, what should I do?









Try to massage the face with the massage oil below:

Rosehip Oil 10ml

Apricot Oil 20ml

Frankincense 5 drops

Sandalwood 5 drops

Petitgrain 2 drops

香薰導賞 Aromatherapy Guide: 蘆薈啫喱 Aloe vera gel


蘆薈啫喱通常被用作曬後謢理, 是基於它有良好的舒緩和保濕作用。含維生素B群、維生素C群、氨基酸,都是日常肌膚保養中不可缺少的元素。

此外, 蘆薈啫喱亦有消炎殺菌, 抑制黑色素沉澱和抗敏的作用, 既可美白, 亦可去痘去印。由此可見, 蘆薈啫喱事實上是非常多功能的保養品, 可當作面霜和面膜使用。適合任何肌膚使用,尤其是油性或混合性肌膚,濕疹皮膚也適用。


* 容易吸收

* 純天然鎮靜肌膚適合所有膚質使用

* 修復肌膚、柔軟肌膚

* 保濕、消除過多油脂

* 消炎、強化細胞再生

* 曬後鎮定肌膚、燒燙傷、抗菌、止癢, 去疤等修復作用
有部分初用蘆薈啫喱當面霜的朋友經常遇到的情況就是輕輕的刺痛感和面紅, 而皮膚愈乾燥的朋友, 刺痛感則愈強烈。此乃正常現象, 刺痛感和面紅基本上只會持續1-2分鐘然後散去, 皮膚適應蘆薈啫喱了約一星期, 刺痛感會消去。

為減低刺痛感建議使用蘆薈啫喱時, 可混合植物底油一起使用。而事實上皮膚是絕對需要油份去鎖緊水份, 否則無論使用如何頂級的保濕面霜, 水份只會迅間流失, 白費金錢亦徒勞無功。優質的底油, 非但不會阻塞毛孔, 而且有效鎖緊肌膚底層水份,令肌膚充滿彈性和彰顯天然的光彩。

用法非常簡單, 每次使用蘆薈啫喱之時, 加入2-3滴底油混合使用,感覺清爽毫不油膩, 有效減低使用蘆薈啫喱時的刺痛感和更重要的是維持皮膚的水油平衡。


  • 水份面霜: 配合底油使用更佳
  • 水份面膜: 厚敷10分鐘沖水
  • 水份泥膜: 與泥粉膜混合使用, 可增加泥膜的保濕度和減漫泥膜乾涸的速度
  • 曬後護理
  • 針對輕微燙傷、灼傷的處理,若尚未出現傷口,請先以大量冷水或冰塊沖洗冷敷患處,再塗上蘆薈啫喱

Aloe vera gel has powerful soothing and hydrating power, enriched with Vitamin B, Vitamin C and amino acid, which are essential elements for the skin. Apart from usually used as after sun care, it is also anti-inflammatory , prevents pigmentation and anti-allergy. It can be also used as moisturizer and facial mask, suitable for any skin type, especially for oily and combination skin, even eczema patients.

The characteristics of aloe vera gel:

  • Absorbed easily
  • Soothes the skin naturally, suitable for all skin type
  • Restores and soften the skin
  • Hydrates and removes excessive sebum
  • Anti-inflammatory and strengthen cell regeneration
  • Soothes the skin after sunburn, burns, anti-bacterial, anti-itching, scarring

There were situations when people started using aloe vera gel as a facial moisturizer experienced sting and slight redness on their face, especially for people with dry skin. This is part of the normal healing process, basically those sensations will cease after 1-2 mintues, and the response will cease too around 1 week later once the skin have adapted to the aloe vera gel.

It is suggestable to mix the aloe vera gel with some base oil in order to reduce the sting and the redness. In fact, our skin definitely needs sebum to retain the moisture, otherwise no matter how expensive your premium hydration moisturizer is, moisture will still drain rapidly without the protection from the sebum. Fine quality base oil will not block the pores, but it locks the skin moisture, helping the skin becomes glowy and elastic.

Simply mix 2-3 drops of base oil with suitable amount of aloe vera gel for the face, and apply it as your moisturizer as usual. It is highly absorbable without a greasy feeling, also reduces the stingy sensation , but importantly maintains the skin’s moisture – sebum balance.

Different uses of aloe vera gel:

  • Hydrating moisturizer: mix with base oil for better result
  • Hydrating facial mask: Apply a thick layer onto the face then rinse it after 10 mintue
  • Hydrating clay mask: Mix the aloe vera gel with clay mask, which improves the hydrating power of the clay mask and the mask dries a bit slower
  • After sun care
  • Slight burns: If the wound is not apparent yet, wash the burn under cold water or apply cold compress, then apply the aloe vera gel.

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